Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Greatest Story - a school play

Every 2 years the school puts on a big production, and this year they did
"The Greatest Story"
The Nativity with a few bonus numbers
Turtle is a Roman soldier

Little Possum and her friends getting some last minute instructions before going back stage before their number. They performed "Money, money, money" by Abba as a special song and dance number.
Wondering how it fits in with The Greatest Story? I did too..... but the reference was to
Caesar and his greed, wanting to do a census to find everyone he could tax.

Caesar and his devoted servant....  Doodlebug

Meanwhile, in downtown Bethlehem, these 'men' were dancing to the Havah Nagilah
(Turtle having transformed from Roman soldier to Jewish man)

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  1. I have always loved going to see my kids in school plays. Sounds like it was a good fun night. I love how they put the ABBA song in.